Saturday, 22 March 2014

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Nothing is going Lizzie’s way. Her sex life is unsatisfying, her job sucks and she has more debt than
she needs thanks to her loser brother. Against her better judgment, she lets her best friend sign her
up to be auctioned off at a high-rolling venue called the Club. Agreeing to a weekend of adventurous
sex with a stranger is one thing, but being bought by the brothers who own the Club means Lizzie is
up for a weekend beyond her wildest fantasies.

Ryan and Lizzie hit it off, in bed and out, but it’s his quiet brother, Trace, that has her heart pounding
and her panties in a twist. But is Lizzie what Trace needs? Having been burned before, will he take a
chance on what his heart is telling him or trust his instincts and send her home after their weekend
is over?


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“That can’t be legal, surely. And even if it was, no. No way am I going to let you auction me off to the
highest bidder for a weekend of sex.” Lizzie sat stunned on the couch, her gaze on Bel.

“No, of course not. Sex is natural anyway, and you’re always complaining you never get anything
worth talking about. Why not use your God-given charms to earn a decent living.
Allan grabbed her chin in his hand and twisted her face from side-to-side. “First things first,
hairdresser and spa. Lots of waxing to do from what I can see. Do you wax down below, darling?”

“No, it’s excruciating. Why any woman would want to go the whole Brazilian is beyond me. I’ll
never be able to wipe my butt again after that. Certainly never look that poor woman in the eye again
either. I’m so embarrassed.”

“Listen to him.” Trace walked out onto the deck, pulling off his tie and undoing the buttons on his
white shirt. His jacket was in his other hand and he dropped it casually over an empty chair. “I on the
other hand, will say whatever I need to if it gets me what I want.”

He reached out, cupped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her toward his lips. With soft
lips, Ryan kissed her cheek, working his way around to her neck. Touching the skin underneath her
ear made her gasp and he licked down her throat as she arched her neck sideways for him.
She glanced back over her shoulder and saw Trace watching them with cool calm eyes. He still had
a drink in his hand and saluted her with the glass. The hot mouth latching onto her distended nipple
made her turn her head back to Ryan.

“I didn’t expect to like it so much though. I feel like a slut.” She ran her hand over her forehead and
blew out a breath.

“I feel like a slut being delivered like this.” A tremor ran through her skin and he kissed her mouth
before the tears he sensed under the surface filled her eyes. She moved under his lips, meeting him as
his mouth devoured hers hungrily.
Lizzie looked at him and he noticed the uncertainty in her eyes again. “Perverse, maybe. I think my
brother has said more than once I like control. Buying sex gives me that. Is that a problem for you?”
He grinned at her and held out his hand. “Look, the glass is one way. Nobody can see you unless I
change the setting. Believe me, none of my customers are going to see me butt naked fucking in my

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